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Interested in 90-day planning or the skills to help you succeed in writing and publishing? 

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Read my Testimony...

I took Sarra's course for 90-day planning for the first time in late June of 2019. In Quarter 3 of that year, I started her program not knowing what I was doing but plugging my way through figuring out my goals and dreams. I got serious about my writing because I knew after doing the exercises in her workbook that I wanted being an author (my dream job) to be my retirement.  Then when covid struck in 2020, I never thought that would have been a good thing, but it allowed me to stay home for a few months and focus on writing and getting a book edited. I was writing a fantasy book at that time. (See my about me page to see why I changed genres.) In the summer of 2020, I took the Publish and Thrive course expecting to publish my fantasy novel, but things happened, and I had to rearrange my plan, which ended up another bad thing followed by something good. In July 2021, I published my first book, and now I have a second one in edits and a third being written. I would never have achieved these goals if I hadn’t taken Sarra's courses.  I hope you consider taking one of her courses if you need guidance in following your dreams.