Welcome to Cypressville!

Kristen Tassin is a lifelong storyteller fueled by childhood dreams and the memory of her dad's belief. Dyslexia struggles delayed her writing journey, but perseverance ignited a love for reading and, finally, after twenty years, writing. The pandemic offered time to complete an unpublished young adult fantasy novel, but after caring for her mom, Kristen fostered a new passion for heartwarming romances, just like her mom always requested after they shared hours of watching Hallmark movies. Her mom's final moments were laughter reading the first few pages of Christmas in Cypressville, Kristen's debut novel, which fueled her path as a sweet small town romance writer.

Below is a Spotify playlist of some of my favorite songs I listen to while writing the Cypressville books.

Did you enjoy reading the Small Town Cypressville Romance books and want to see some behind-the-scenes events? Check out the Cypressville Gazette, the local newspaper that the citizens of Cypressville here.